Say Goodbye To Your Electrical Problems

If you’ve got electrical problems and need fast, quality efficient electrical help, look no further than California Electric.

We are a team of certified expert electricians always ready to help you with your residential,commercial, and industrial needs. Our electrical help consists of these steps, every time, with no surprises:

  1. Arrive at your convenience. Forget waiting around We know your time IS important, and we come to solve your electrical problems on time, every time.
  2. We are dressed for the job. Our staff is professionally dressed and takes as much pride in their appearance as they do their work.
  3. You will know exactly what you need. California Electric provides you with an honest evaluation of the electrical problem you might have and the exact solution that’s needed to fix it, period. No gimmicks, no upselling, no runaround.
  4. The work will be done efficiently and cleanly. Let’s face it, fixing some electrical problems can be messy. We will protect your fixtures and floors from any potential spills, scratches and scrapes. And we park on the street to keep your driveway free and clear. When we’re gone, all you’re left with is a job well done.
  5. You will have a guarantee. California Electric employs nothing but reliable expert electricians, and as such we are confident to guarantee all of our work to give you peace of mind.

To see the California Electric difference for yourself call us now at 650-342-5949 today!

California Electric offers electrical service to customers in all of Northern California.